Origin of Burwood Seniors Computer Club

Burwood Seniors Computer Club (BSCC) Inc. was established, with 

assistance and support from the Burwood Council, by senior volunteers in 2004.
It is a friendly Club staffed completely by volunteers and it has operated very successfully and continuously for the past 16 years.

It is not a  profit organisation and provides computer, iPad, iPhone and Android tablet classes for seniors by seniors.

The BSCC has over the last several years functioned in one of the rooms of the Woodstock Community Centre, which is located in a small park in Church Street, Burwood.
However, as the Burwood Council decided to renovate and refurbish the Woodstock, it was necessary for the BSCC to seek a more suitable venue.

 The Burwood Council has approached the Brighton Retirement Village with view to relocate the training courses, which BSCC offers to seniors (over 55 years of age), to a Computer Room in the Village.